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Beanbag Ditties - Brendan O'Hara
DITTIES CD, 1st version, 2 beanbags
No of tracks: 21
Format: CD with illustrations of activities
Available Qty: 6
Price: £22.00

Targeted activities with songs and ditties to help child development for easier learning and concentration

Activities use beanbags to help to integrate the Primitive and Postural Reflexes
Encourage greater balance, vision, spatial and auditory awareness, gross and fine motor skills as a prelude or to increase reading, writing and formal learning skills

  • Programme developed by an Educational Consultant and Kinesiologist
  • Widely taught in pre-school and primary school throughout Australia
  • Movements can be used at play-time and for breaks in learning as fun, physical fun activities to aid learning
  • Activities can be repeated until learners find them easy and automatic
  • Fully illustrated with descriptions of movements

Also helpful for older learners to increase brain/body co-ordination and learning ease
Suitable for:
– Pre-school teachers
– Primary teachers
– Parents – for children or themselves
– Anyone wishing to develop brain/body integration through physical activity