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BRAIN GYM® SURFER - Sandra Hinsley & Linda Conley
No of Pages: 36 Size: A5 Cover: Paperback
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Price: £3.50
Picture story of a young surfer at the beach doing all the Brain Gym movements. For children up to 6 years, with a related index of learning skills. Children can follow the story of the surfer doing Brain Gym during a day at the beach.

Designed to stimulate the imagination and creativity of young children when doing the activities.

Contains a reference guide for matching Brain Gym® activities to learning skills.

Page references to Brain Gym® Simple Activities for descriptions of the movements. Written by an educator specialising in physical education from kindergarten to further education.

Lively, energetic drawings by a professional artist and illustrator with 25 years experience in creating characters.

Suitable for:
– Nursery and Reception teachers
– Primary educators and teaching assistants
– Parents – Use with children up to around 6 years