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SWITCHING ON - Paul Dennison
No. of Pages: 122 Size: A5 Cover: Paperback
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Price: £12.95
Dr Paul Dennison’s first, seminal book about Educational Kinesiology and Brain Gym®. Discusses the principles behind the programme.

Accessible discussion of the principles and rationale behind Brain Gym and Educational Kinesiology.

  • How and why Dr Dennison developed his programme based on his experience as an educator.
  • How the body and brain are involved in learning.
  • The importance of cross-patterning for easier learning and left/right hemisphere communication.
  • How to check for lateral dominance and its impact on learning.
  • The effect of stress on learning.
  • Switching on to handwriting, reading and processing language.
  • Body feedback techniques, such as muscle checking, to determine ease and stress in the brain/body system for learning.

Illustrated with photographs.

Suitable for:

– Mainstream educators
– Learning support educators
– All professionals involved in learning
– Parents